Tool shopping for home building

With the launch of our at home tool kits there are many of you that will be starting from ground zero with no clue what you need and what it will do.  I have put together a basic shopping list of tools and supplies that you will need to purchase or borrow to build these kits or do any build with cut and prepped pieces of lumber at home. When buying your lumber if you don't have access to a miter saw or circular saw then I suggest knowing your measurements when purchasing your material and ask that they cut your pieces for you on site.

1. Measuring tape.  I personally like smaller tapes as my hands are smaller, I also like tapes that show all the 1/16, 1/8, and 1/4" readings.

2. Pencils and sharpener.  I gurantee you cannot have enough pencils, if youre anything l,ike me you will constatly lose them...

3. Orbital sander.  Any orbital sander will work and most sand papers are universal.  If you cannot find a orbital sander then you can simply buy some sand paper sheets and sand by hand, it will take longer but it will work.

4. Orbital sanding disks in 100 and 150 grit. Again if you do not have access to an orbital sander then sheets in these grits will work just fine.

5. Drill kit. This is an essential and any kit will do. 

6, Counter sink drill bits.  These bits are essential and you will use them to pre-drill any hole before screwing.  

7. Drill bit for #8 screws. I personally always use #8 screws as most carpenters do. These bits will be inserted into your drill and used to screw in the screws.

8. Nail gun and brad nails, most likely 1 1/4" nails unless otherwise specified. This tool will help you build with a breeze.

9. Jigsaw. The jigsaw will help with workshops that require tricky cut outs like circles for dog food bowls or slots for wine glasses in wine racks.

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