Tiny Home Build workshop July 29th

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I am super excited to commence a new journey with Build like a girl Canada of building a tiny home from studs to shingles! 

the first date of attendance will be Saturday July 29th followed by Sunday July 30th which will include your ticket to attend the tiny home show in Ancaster. 

the workshop will then run every other weekend and two weeknight evenings until the end of October. 

some dates may be rescheduled due to weather and weeknights will likely be Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 6-9. Weekend workshops will run 10-3. 

the workshop can be paid in monthly instalments over a 3 month period of $500 per month. 


  1. Design, we will begin with the design phase. This will also include a field trip where we will meet and walk through some tiny home models that are already built and being sold.
  2. Codes and permits. The next part will be creating a plan to build, we will be completed blueprint drawings complete with design, measurements all to code.
  3. Once that is done we will have a brief sit down in our pre planning phase with a plumber and electrician so they can go over our design letting us know any specifics they require before we start framing. They will help us understand the specific codes to follow so our tiny home will pass inspection.
  4. Cut, build… now that we have completed our plans, we have our draw ups, we have a plan approved by a licensed plumber and electrician the fun can start! We will work in teams and we will begin the building process.
  5. Once we have the project framed we will begin closing in the studs we will have the plumber and electricians back to help teach us how to run the plumbing and electrical throughout. They will assist us in installing a panel, running all the plumbing lines and installing fresh water and sewage water tanks.
  6. Next we will begin putting up our interior and exterior walls. We will Tyvek the exterior and start to complete the roof and installing windows.
  7. We will then begin working on interior and exterior finishing including flooring, siding, painting, adding steel to the roof.
  8. Now it’s time to start the cabinetry and installing the bathroom facilities, installing a shower, toilet and sink. Installing the kitchen appliances and sink.
  9. Once we have completed all of the exterior/interior construction it will be time to give the finishing touches! From decals, furnishings and decor! 

we will also learn about finding and acquiring land for the tiny home, how to install a well and septic system, how to get power or go off grid. 


This course does not include a tiny home, it includes hand on knowledge of how to build a tiny home from the bottom up. It also includes attendance to the tiny home show, books, supplies. This is a hands on course, you will be using power tools. 

photo courtesy of Pinterest owner. 

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