About Us

Originally, Build Like A Girl Canada came out of a demand for smaller items like wine racks and shelves that I just didn’t have time to fulfill due to the number of larger orders I was having to produce at the time.

I was getting so many requests that I decided that rather than building the items myself, I would hold a teaching workshop. I figured, this way, the women would not only get the items they wanted, but they would have a fun time socializing and learn how to use some new tools. Not only would they leave happy with their beautiful, self-made pieces, but I would be able to do 10+ items in one evening!

However to my own surprise, the feeling of efficiency was quickly replaced with something much, much greater. I wasn’t expecting the incredible, positive response the workshop received. Not only was it a great social, but women were leaving with a new found confidence, empowered by the new skills that they had just acquired. The timidness that they had they walked in with, was replaced with laughter and a clear sense of accomplishment as they carried their beautiful pieces out the door.

And that is what makes this company different in so many ways.

“It’s not all knitting and cooking for ladies you know.”

Ladies like to get involved and get their hands dirty!  They want to learn to build and they want to be confident in their ability to use the tools needed for the task.

What makes a kitchen knife any less dangerous than a drill or a saw for comparison?

Most of these women have had male figures in their lives who may have discouraged them from using power tools… it’s been an “off limit, man only” place in their homes.

My mission, and the mission of Build Like A Girl Canada, is to teach women, to build not only beautiful pieces for their homes, but build their confidence and realize their full potential. Yes, tools can be dangerous, but so can blenders and slippery tiles. If you learn to use these tools in a safe environment where there is zero judgement, then you’re going to feel great!

I want you to leave Build Like A Girl Canada with the knowledge that you are more than capable, confident and empowered!

“My vision is that every woman who leaves a Build Like a Girl Canada SheShop, leaves feeling empowered and inspired!”


Nikki Rhea

Founder of Build Like A Girl Canada

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